TabWare - Easy to Use Computerized Maintenance Management System

CMMS Maintenance Worker MobileTabWare Computerized Maintenance Management System / Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS / EAM)  helps maximize asset performance and control maintenance and operation costs by improving technician wrench time, optimizing spare parts inventory and streamlining procurement. Due to ease of use and design consistency, TabWare has one of the fastest adoption rates in the industry.

“The primary goal of maintenance has always been to minimize downtime, and the primary goal of operations has been to maximize utilization.”
Source: Aberdeen Group

Maintenance needs equipment to be available for Preventive Maintenance (PM) and repair while production needs equipment available to meet customer demand, so clear and consistent communication between the maintenance organization and production is imperative. TabWare improves this collaboration by providing maintenance schedules and helps:

TabWare provides the information you need to maximize the performance of your assets, control maintenance costs and improve your operations.