HSE Program Support through TabWare

Conducting business with care and respect for people and the environment is a primary concern for many organizations, and an effective CMMS / EAM solution supports reliability and maintenance improvement initiatives. AssetPoint’s Best-in-Class CMMS / EAM solution, TabWare, goes a step beyond providing additional functionality to support  Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) programs by:

  • Allowing users to enter any type of incident or event without requiring a work order
  • Linking safety procedures, instructions, lock-out, tag-out (LOTO) and other documents to your assets for immediate access
  • Providing an area to specify permit and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements in work orders
  • Featuring special work order types for inspection routes and capturing feedback for follow-up activities
  • Tracking casual inspections, safety observations and other findings in the same historical repository as your maintenance and other activities
  • Providing the ability to link material safety data sheets (MSDS) and hazardous materials to inventory items
  • Ensuring the proper processes, safety equipment and materials are deployed during disaster or emergency responses by creating and storing pre-defined response templates
  • Capturing internal and formal regulatory environmental  and emissions inspections
  • Tracking hazardous material spill response and activity progressions
  • Supplying a single repository for employee fit-to-work information by linking certificates, medical reports and releases to employee records

To be effective, maintenance organizations need quick access to critical information to perform tasks effectively, efficiently and safely. TabWare integrates incident tracking, permit requirements, material safety data sheets and other HSE concerns with your adopted reliability and maintenance strategy, leading to significant, sustainable cultural improvements. TabWare is a comprehensive CMMS / EAM solution that supports HSE programs while being easy to learn and easy to use.