Who’s Investing in CMMS Solutions? The Top 3 Industries

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a seemingly niche type of system, but has endless possibilities. Maintenance departments often deal with costly emergency fixes, so companies of all kinds are flocking to CMMS solutions to track and manage their physical assets. With an asset and maintenance management software implementation, technicians are able to detect and focus on problems before they cause downtime.

CMMS benefits many different industries. Whether a manufacturing plant relies on industrial pumps and motors, or an upstream oil drilling and exploration company relies on both land-based and ocean-based rigs, a CMMS solution helps prevent costly physical disruptions.

The following three industries are among the top invested in better maintenance practices:

  1. Food & Beverage

Between regulatory compliance and maximizing productivity, the Food & Beverage industry must meet tough standards. These businesses experience frequent audits and must carefully keep track of every step in the production line. To keep those production lines up and running, accurate reporting on work order details and inventory levels help managers with scheduling and properly allocating maintenance funds.

The Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is an example of a growing facility investing in CMMS. With 900 barrels brewed daily and distributed to 25 states, the facility reached a volume that needed better structure.“If our production lines go down, we have to throw away beer,” John Wren, maintenance manager with the brewery told AssetPoint.Unplanned downtime severely affects production lines, so Dogfish Head is now able to schedule any downtime with a preventive maintenance routine through its CMMS.

  1. Oil & Gas

Oil rigs have many moving parts. In such a tumultuous environment, it’s important the project stays organized. The vehicles used to transport equipment, employees and products are essential assets that maintenance teams must keep in top shape.

One drilling and coil services contractor, Xtreme, underwent an aggressive capital expansion program and needed a better system for supporting the project’s fleet. Over the course of 18 months, the fleet nearly doubled in size, and Xtreme sought optimization through better record keeping. With sites around the globe, the company is now able to keep all users centralized in a single database for carefully tracking its critical data within its CMMS. “Now, we are able to capture maintenance history and costs, as well as manage our preventive maintenance program before any unplanned downtime occurs…” Brad Charters, maintenance manager with Xtreme told AssetPoint. By streamlining day-to-day operations, the company is able to keep track of metrics that affect the bottom line, leading to more equipment uptime and greater revenue per day.

  1. Manufacturing

The efficiency of a manufacturing plant’s production line can make or break the entire business. A manufacturing plant’s reputation relies on satisfying customers by hitting hard deadlines. High capital investments in the plant’s equipment are necessary to stay competitive, but often raise concerns with gaining a return on investment (ROI). CMMS solutions help manufacturing plants justify the need for quality equipment by helping maintenance teams prolong an asset’s lifecycle. By carefully tracking equipment history, maintenance teams can intelligently work to maximize its uptime and calculate the ROI for decision makers.

Avoca, Inc is an example of a manufacturing business that caters to a unique market. As a solvent extraction facility, Avoca develops food-grade concentrations for flavor and fragrance companies. After 40 years of business, Avoca decided it was time to structure its assets within a CMMS solution for keeping track of laboratory supplies and other vital assets. By starting with three extraction and fermentation facilities, Avoca transferred the operation’s historical data to the new system for users to easily access. This way, the company can better monitor areas such as spare parts, compliance standards and performance metrics.

The Bottom Line:
Because of CMMS solutions, what was once a cost center is now a competitive edge. For organizations bolstering the bottom line, CMMS helps maintenance teams save time and cut costs. This type of solution has been around for decades and has found its place in maintenance routines all over the world. For companies seeking to boost revenue, setting up a system for collecting maintenance data can give them a distinct leg up over the rest.

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