TabWare CMMS / EAM Utilized for Asset Management at FlackTek

TabWare CMMS / EAM was selected to improve maintenance productivity and proficiency at FlackTek’s manufacturing facility located in Landrum, South Carolina.

FlackTek Inc

About FlackTek, Inc:

FlackTek Inc. is the maker of SpeedMixer™, a high-speed, high-power mixing system for Research, Quality Control and Specialty Manufacturing. FlackTek was established in 1996 and is centrally located in Landrum, South Carolina. Specializing in Centrifugal Mixing Technology, FlackTek brings years of experience in formulating material science and solutions for its associated problems to its customers. SpeedMixer eliminates air bubbles and mixes in disposable containers, and customers use the SpeedMixers to mix colloids, fluids, powders, pastes, creams, grease, resins, inks, paints and silicones mixtures, with no cleanup required.

Challenges & Requirements:

  • CMMS / EAM solution that is easy to use and easy to learn
  • Improve maintenance productivity and proficiency
  • A solution that will meet their specific needs with a Cloud deployment option
“We quickly realized how TabWare is going to increase productivity and reduce downtime. FlackTek sells, distributes and provides ongoing maintenance to our mixers across various locations across North America and Europe, so we require a robust maintenance solution that we can access in the Cloud. We found all of that and more with TabWare. It truly is easy to learn and easy to use. The TabWare training method is a great fit for our organization to get up and running quickly”
– Sharon Gordon, Vice President

TabWare Benefits:

  • Effectively manages maintenance activities
  • Improvements in inventory management
  • Cost-effective cloud deployment that enables FlackTek to get up and running quickly
  • Lower operating costs and better purchasing control across all locations


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