TabWare CMMS / EAM Manages Mining Equipment at Haile Gold Mine

Haile Gold Mine Inc. selects TabWare CMMS / EAM for asset and maintenance management at their gold mine located in Lancaster County, South Carolina.

Haile Gold Mine

About Haile Gold Mine Inc.: 

Discovered by Benjamin Haile in 1827, the historic Haile Gold Mine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Romarco Minerals Inc., was one of the first working gold mines in the US and has been operated on and off for nearly 200 years. The mine anticipates beginning gold production in late 2016, with the commitment of preserving and restoring the impacts made by previous mining operations.

Haile expects to maximize the mining potential of 2 million ounces of gold reserves, while maintaining the safety of its employees and the environment. With plans to go beyond regulatory requirements by employing environmental policies and practices, Haile will set a new standard in mining and become the showcase for mining done properly throughout the entire mine life and centuries beyond.

Challenges & Requirements:

  • Ease of use for maintenance personnel
  • Easily track and manage stationary and mobile equipment
  • Maximize ass performance and longevity
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP solution
  • Ensure environmental regulatory compliance
In our search for an equipment and asset management solution for our gold mine, ease of use was extremely important. We also needed a solution that could track and manage all of our stationary equipment and the equipment that is mobile in the mine. We plan to later integrate our ERP system, so AssetPoint’s extensive experience and success with integrations was another primary reason we selected TabWare. We look forward to a close partnership with AssetPoint.” 
-Jim Longwith
Haile Gold Mine Inc.

TabWare Benefits:

  • Monitors equipment and helps increase uptime
  • Maintains expensive assets and helps keep them running efficiently
  • TabWare Analytics enables visualizations to manage KPIs, trends, multi-dimensional and what-if analysis
  • Maintains commitment to safety of employees and environment


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