TabWare CMMS / EAM Training Courses

One of the most common points of failure with CMMS / EAM systems is the lack of high quality training to transfer knowledge to users and instill confidence in their ability to effectively perform their jobs with their asset management system.

Training CoursesAssetPoint provides a variety of high quality training courses on all aspects of TabWare and related products. From initial implementation and configuration to specialty training, AssetPoint helps you leverage your investment in TabWare to maximize asset performance.

AssetPoint offers training focused on individual job functions. The following standard courses can be provided onsite or over the Internet:

  • Functional Setup and Configuration – this course reviews overall TabWare functions along with your work processes and trains you to configure TabWare to operate within your work processes and your environment
  • Administration – This course trains TabWare Administrators in security, configuration, user management, using the TabWare Query Wizard, setup options, reporting and more
  • Maintenance – This course addresses how to use TabWare in maintenance operations including:
    • Work Orders
    • Equipment and Equipment Hierarchy
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Work Planning and Scheduling
    • Event Tracking
    • Requisitions
    • Document linking and printing
  • Materials and Warehouse – This course focuses on the use of TabWare in spare parts inventory management and warehouse operations including:
    • Item management
    • Issues, returns, receipts and adjustments
    • Replenishment and requisitions
    • Multiple storerooms and multiple bin management
    • Shipping orders
    • Repairable item management
    • Cycle counting
    • Expediting
    • Document linking
  • Purchasing – This course trains procurement management and buyers to use TabWare during the entire procurement cycle from requisitions to purchase orders including:
    • Supplier management
    • Requisition entry, routing and approvals
    • Buyer’s backlog for creating and issuing purchase orders
    • Repairable item management
    • Shipping orders and receiving
    • Invoice matching and payment authorization
    • Purchase order tracking software

Additionally, AssetPoint can tailor courses to meet your specific requirements and use of TabWare.

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