TabWare Implementation

AssetPoint provides a rapid implementation methodology with an approach that has been proven successful for hundreds of projects. TabWare Sure Track™ implementation methodology is AssetPoint’s proven approach for a successful implementation of the TabWare CMMS/EAM solution. TabWare Sure Track™ helps plan, organize and monitor the work to be performed for a TabWare Enterprise implementation. The basic phases of the TabWare Sure Track™ methodology are:

  • Project Kickoff – Review scope and intended use of TabWare, clarify assignments and timeline
  • Functional Set up and Configuration – Review TabWare features and functions along with configuration settings.
  • Data Mapping Assistance – If data needs to be moved from another system or entered into TabWare, this step provides assistance for mapping your data.
  • System Configuration – Customers can enter the configuration settings to enable TabWare to operate within their environment and work processes as well as test the TabWare configuration prior to user training
  • User Training – Users are trained to use TabWare in their jobs
  • Go Live (Deployment) – Customer staff begins live use of TabWare

The TabWare Sure Track™ Implementation Methodology also provides individual implementation tasks with assignments in order to track the rapid implementation without missing any of the details.