TabWare University - Internet based CMMS / EAM Training

TabWareU_smAptean EAM TabWare Edition University provides internet-based CMMS / EAM training on a 24×7 basis with instructor-led tutorials for all Aptean EAM functions.

  • What if your maintenance experts could maximize their wrench time instead of keyboard time?
  • What if training could actually help them to be more efficient at their jobs?

That’s where Aptean EAM University comes in. With Aptean EAM University, your workers have anyplace, anytime access to training. Aptean’s eLearning courses allow you to learn how to use any function in Aptean EAM at your own pace.

Key Features

  • 5 to 10 minute tutorials on how to accomplish specific Aptean EAM functions
  • Hundreds of instructor-led tutorials
  • Internet based with 24×7 availability
  • Self-paced


  • Employees get training when they need it
  • Employees become more proficient in their use of Aptean EAM
  • Supplements classroom training
  • Bring new employees up to speed on Aptean EAM quickly
  • Get more value out of your Aptean EAM investment

Aptean EAM University helps maximize asset performance by improving staff proficiency and knowledge of Aptean EAM so they become more efficient and effective in their jobs.