TabWare Essentials Online Training Courses

One of Aptean’s key initiatives is to help customers leverage their investment with Aptean EAM TabWare Edition by effectively maximizing asset performance with Best-in-Class maintenance strategies. In an effort to get customers up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible, Aptean provides one week of extensive online training.Maintenance Management Training

These classes will be held during the following weeks:

  • October 10 – October 14th 
  • November 21st – November 23rd
  • December 19th – December 23rd

Below is the schedule for Aptean EAM’s Essential training courses that will be held from 9:00AM to 4:00PM EST. Please contact us to view the full agenda or to schedule your training with a member from our Professional Services team.

Day 1

  • Aptean EAM Basics – Navigation, Views, Toolbar, Help Guides, etc.
  • Process Discussion – Work Management, Warehousing, Purchasing, etc.
  • Aptean EAM Security – General procedures, Add Users, Define Groups, etc.
  • Setup Module – Setup, Custom Elements, Creating & Assigning Codes, etc.

Day 2

  • Resource Module – Employee ID & Logins, Approvals & Roles, etc.
  • Equipment Module – Hierarchy, Quick / New Work Order, Serialized Tracking, etc.
  • Equipment Serial Class – CCA Codes & Serial Equipment Classes
  • Work Order Module – Entries & Completions, Planning, Time Reporting, Labor Activities, etc.

Day 3

  • Preventive Maintenance Module – Create Master Plan, Scheduling, Completions, etc.
  • Inventory Module – Review Items, Issues & Returns, Cycle Counts, Create Items, Reorder Methods, Review Reports & Hierarchy, etc.
  • Requisition Module – Review & Approve Requisitions, Manual Reorder, etc.

Day 4

  • Purchasing Module – PO Issue, Change Orders, RFQ, etc.
  • Invoice Module – Setup, Create Vouchers, Status & Approvals, etc.
  • Queries – Standard Queries, Public Queries, Security Queries, Resorting & Saving Results, etc.
  • Requester – Creation & Completion of Work Orders, etc.

Day 5

  • Technician – Setup / Options, Security, Fields, Work Orders, Inventory, Completions, etc.
  • Advanced Scheduling – (talking point only) 
  • Mobile Approvals (talking point only) 
  • Customer Care – Frequently Asked Questions, Submitting Tickets, etc.

Aptean also offers mini online courses on technical functionality during scheduled dates. To schedule training or to learn more about Aptean’s training process, please contact us today.

**We reserve the right to cancel these meetings for low customer attendance**