TabWare Online Training

To ensure customers have full confidence in using Aptean EAM TabWare Edition, Aptean EAM provides convenient online training courses to get users up and running quickly and smoothly. These courses are designed to expand customers overall knowledge of computerized maintenance planning and control, leading to a higher return on their technology investment.

In order to gain Best-in-Class maintenance strategies with Aptean EAM, our training specialists have designed week long training courses on Aptean EAM Essentials. These online courses will be instructor-led and held between 9:00AM – 4:00PM during the scheduled dates.

Aptean also offers mini online courses on technical functionality to help customers dive deeper into Aptean EAM. These courses last between 2-3 hours each and will be held in the morning or afternoon during the schedule dates. Customers can pick and choose courses at their own convenience.

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Please keep in mind that these courses are online, but can also be conducted on-site if needed. Aptean will work with you to develop desired training that fits your everyday needs and schedule. To schedule training or request additional information, please contact us today.