TabWare CMMS / EAM Customer Support

Aptean’s customer care provides the best customer support in the maintenance software industry. The Aptean EAM TabWare Edition Customer Care Center delivers outstanding service to help you get the most out of Aptean EAM. When you need an answer about your use of Aptean EAM, or need assistance in the rare event of a Aptean EAM issue, Aptean EAM support professionals are available to help.

In an independent 3rd party survey, Aptean was rated over 20 points higher than average of all Microsoft partners for quality of support and we provide support tools such as:

  • Web-based Customer Portal that allows you to enter and track requests in the Aptean EAM tracking system
  • The Aptean EAM KnowledgeBase which provides access to extensive materials, such as FAQs, issue resolutions and explanations
  • Remote support capabilities that allow us to see your PC if the need arises

Our daily mission is: To assist each customer in the ACT of customer care by providing Accurate, Consistent, and Timely information and assistance. We typically resolve over 95% of all issues on the first call.

The support is great. Every team member that I have come in contact with has met all of my needs in a timely manner.”
– Macuch Steel

The Aptean EAM Customer Care Center maximizes asset performance in companies like yours by:

  • Offering self-service 24×7 support via our Web-Based Customer Portal, with direct access to your requests and full access to the Aptean EAM KnowledgeBase
  • Providing rapid response to critical incidents
  • Supplying software downloads for customers with local installations of Aptean EAM so you can upgrade on your schedule
  • Giving you access to multiple communication channels for requesting and receiving support
  • Optimizing your use of Aptean EAM by providing the answers you need when you need them

Aptean is dedicated to helping our customers continuously improve their maintenance operations. If you are an existing customer and need support, please contact our Customer Support department via email: or phone: 864-458-3300.

GREAT customer service with trainers willing to answer even the simplest of questions.”
– Dymatize Nutrition