Maintenance Evolution Assessment

Aptean’s Maintenance Evolution Assessment (MEA) program is offered by the Professional Services Organization (PSO) and designed to help organizations evaluate their maintenance processes and utilization of the Aptean EAM TabWare Edition Solution. By collaborating with customers to establish baseline metrics as a “benchmark,” the MEA program uncovers opportunities to evolve your maintenance strategies towards Best-in-Class with Aptean EAM.


The MEA program is performed by industry and maintenance experts and is a low-hassle analysis that takes place over 2-3 days onsite. Aptean customizes each assessment to the organization’s specific Aptean EAM configuration and maintenance processes and procedures and reviews areas such as existing performance metrics, Work Orders (WO), Preventive Maintenance (PM), scheduling, inventory and procurement.

Following the onsite assessment, Aptean provides the organization with detailed documentation that includes:

  • A summary of findings and proposed metrics from each of the areas reviewed
  • Benchmarks
  • Business Case and estimated cost savings
  • The phased plan and path forward
  • Advisement and coaching on Aptean EAM’s functionality and capabilities

Employing strategies that increase productivity while minimizing operating costs is a key element to achieving success, and the MEA program will analyze your organization’s use of Aptean EAM to ensure you are maximizing asset performance and on the path to Best-in-Class.