TabWare Best Practices

As you consider implementing or switching to a new CMMS / EAM solution, realize that software functionality alone will not deliver ultimate value and savings for your organization. In fact, industry research shows that up to 80% of all CMMS / EAM implementations fall short of achieving ROI goals. Instead of just implementing software and hoping your maintenance organization will maximize efficiencies and cost savings, Aptean EAM TabWare Edition Best Practices Solution combines the robust Aptean EAM solution with documented maintenance Best Practices and consulting to deliver pre-configured industry proven Best Practices software.

Aptean EAM Best Practices will help your CMMS / EAM project generate a quick and positive ROI by providing substantial improvements in asset performance, reducing maintenance and material costs and risk exposure, improving labor productivity, and increasing operational equipment effectiveness (OEE). Aptean has over 30 years of deep domain experience and has designed Aptean EAM Best Practices to keep maintenance organizations compliant by aligning with industry standards PAS 55 and ISO 55000.

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Aptean EAM Best Practices takes the guesswork out of our implementation by delivering baseline tools and methodologies in the following areas:

  • Strategy – Evolution of maintenance from reactive, preventive and predictive strategies
  • Organization – Recommended organizational structure to evolve to a world class maintenance organization
  • Processes – Baseline processes for maintenance to ensure quality data collection
  • Standards – Recommended data standards delivered out-of-the-box with Aptean EAM
  • Performance – Required baseline metrics to measure and report adherence to best practices
  • Continuous Improvement – Establish baseline results and measure progress for organizational improvement

Through Aptean’s experiences, maintenance experts and industry accepted practices, Aptean EAM Best Practices will help establish a culture of maintenance excellence and elevate asset management to be an area of strategic importance in your organization.