TabWare - Facility Maintenance Solution

Facility managers are challenged with keeping their facilities clean, safe, available and secure while operating within constrained budgets and a reduced workforce.

TabWare is a facility maintenance software solution that is proven to control cost and improve efficiency and customer service. A few benefits facility managers realize from TabWare are:

  • Reduced labor requirements due to centralized work planning for multiple buildings or facilities
  • Automated Preventive Maintenance system (PM) 
  • Decreased administrative and dispatch time with tenant self-service maintenance requests over the internet with TabWare’s Web Work Request
  • Electronic work orders on handheld computers or laptops with TabWare’s Mobile Work Manager reduces travel time while improving technician efficiency 
  • Preservation of Equipment warranties with TabWare’s Work Order Module alerts 
  • Identifying areas to control costs by comparing maintenance costs of different facilities and types of work

TabWare facility maintenance improves efficiency, keeps you ahead of your demands and helps manage cost.

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