TabWare is Easy to Learn

Many computer solutions on the market today are highly complex are difficult to learn. This extends implementation time and increases cost. Once implemented, users often have forgotten much of what was taught making the solution mistake-prone and frustrating to users.

TabWare was designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals so users quickly understand it. It is highly configurable to work the way you do so you don’t have to change your work processes to use it.

Here are just a few of the reasons TabWare is easy to learn:

  • TabWare's "category and choose a task" mimic Microsoft Windows control panel so its familiar and easy to learn
  • TabWare provides drop down menus and uses drag & drop functionality for quick and easy data entry.
  • Users only see what they are authorized to view. Training is typically conducted by job function so users do not get confused by seeing functions and menu choices they are not allowed to access.
  • Get to any function with just 2 mouse clicks. TabWare navigation is simple and intuitive and users quickly understand and retain it.
  • Access related functions directly from detail screens . Instead of having to navigate through a variety of menus just to get to a specific function, TabWare lets you directly access selected functions directly from detail screens. For example, you can create a work order directly from the equipment hierarchy screen. Users quickly adapt to this natural and intuitive style of navigation which increases adoption and reduces confusion.
  • TabWare can be translated for local terms and languages . In your organization you may call an Area a Sector. No problem, just use the easy translation feature of TabWare and Sector will appear everywhere Area was previously referenced. Adoption rates are increased when users see screens with familiar terminology.

One customer trained 65 users and were up and running with TabWare in less than two weeks after configuring TabWare to their operation. It is that easy to learn.

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