TabWare Case Studies and Reports

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Imerys Maximizes Asset Performance with TabWare CMMS EAM (3.28 MB)
Imerys Pigments for Paper & Packaging is a global leader in the supply of high quality white pigments for the world's paper industry. They mine and process minerals from high quality reserves to develop solutions that improve performance and manufacturing efficiency of their customers. Our complimentary case study details how TabWare can help improve your: Preventive Maintenance (PM) efforts, maintenance efficiency, work order tracking, and more.

The Role of Software in Asset Performance Management. Reduce maintenance cost, downtime and safety incidents (624.62 KB)
Best-in-Class companies realize 3% unscheduled asset downtime as compared to 28% for laggard companies. They achieve 91% OEE as compared to 58% OEE for laggards and are exceeding Return on Assets (RoA) targets by 11% while laggard companies are missing RoA targets by 4%. Find out how you can achieve best in class results.

TabSource Web-based Bid Management Report (187.7 KB)
Discover TabSource to streamline your bid process, reduce buyer resource requirements, improve bid to award time.

What to Look for in an EAM CMMS Solution (506.21 KB)
This report discusses the various aspects customers should evaluate when selecting an EAM CMMS solution.

Environmental, Health and Safety Operations (250.01 KB)
TabWare supports Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) operations with a variety of functionality from incident tracking and follow up to employee record-tracking and safety-related work management. Hazardous materials tracking along with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and logs are supported.

Purchasing with TabWare – Increase Control /Streamline the Process (148.74 KB)
TabWare’s Procurement module was designed by procurement professionals. It facilitates rapid and accurate sourcing, efficient pricing and buying decisions while enforcing negotiated pricing and corporate policies. This report provides an overview of the TabWare Purchasing Module.

TabWare Usability (170.67 KB)
Discover why TabWare is so easy to use.

From small and medium size companies to large corporate enterprises, TabWare from AssetPoint can help you maximize asset performance. TabWare is a proven Enterprise Asset Managagement (EAM CMMS) soluiton for companies whose success depends on the performance of their assets. TabWare is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own.