TabWare Approvals - Mobile Access to Work Requests

Req Approval IphoneMaintenance work is identified and requested by almost every department within your organization. From simple hot/cold temperature adjustment requests to generated preventive maintenance work orders and automated equipment issue alerts, you need an easy way to manage and review/approve all incoming work requests.

Available on tablets and smartphones, Aptean EAM TabWare Edition Approvals sends automatic email alerts for activities that require review or approval. By giving busy managers and supervisors that are not always behind their computers anywhere, any time access to critical information, Aptean EAM Approvals help avoid delays in the work process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accessible from any mobile device
  • Simple sign on and user authorization
  • Quick and easy review and approval process
  • Automated user notification of new requests
  • Low cost licensing structure

Aptean EAM features interactive email alerts that facilitate streamlined, efficient business processes through automation. Even when not logged in to Aptean EAM, these alerts reach reviewers and approvers through their tablets, smartphones, or any email client and allow them to expedite the approval process to ensure work proceeds quickly.

By using solutions that are accessible from any HTML5 device/browser, work is simplified and executed faster, leading to a streamlined maintenance process and minimized non-productive time (NPT).

TabWare Approvals Ipad