CMMS / EAM Role Based Accessibility

With businesses leaner than ever, workers have more tasks that need to be completed quickly and accurately. Additionally, more and more organizations are using smart phones and tablets for increased convenience and productivity. AssetPoint has developed accessible, role-based solutions that allow users to execute work while “in the field,” leading to streamlined work processes and minimized non-productive time (NPT).

TabWare Technician - Work Order Search

  • TabWare Requester is a browser based, translatable and user configurable work entry system that is accessible on any mobile device, so Work request entries immediately appear in the Work Backlog and users are notified as progress is made.
  • For busy managers and supervisors that are not always behind their computers, TabWare Approvals sends automatic email alerts for activities that require review or approval, giving access to critical information anywhere, any time.
  • TabWare Scheduling is quick and easy with a drag and drop approach, and it presents a graphical view of work load leveling across your schedule timeframe and available resources.
  • TabWare Technician improves work processes by enabling users to efficiently perform all work activities while “in the field.”
  • With TabWare Stores, inventory issues, receipts, returns and cycle counts can all be recorded using laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets, and barcoding is fully supported.
  • By giving users anywhere-access to relevant and comprehensive data, TabWare Analytics helps facilitate the continuous improvement of maintenance operations with user-configurable, customer-specific dashboards, KPIs and metrics.

By using solutions that are accessible from any device or browser, work is simplified and executed faster, leading to a streamlined maintenance process.