TabWare Maintenance Resource Management

Resources_smAptean EAM TabWare Edition’s resource module easily tracks staff and contractor information to maximize asset performance.

Technician work assignments must take into consideration the level of training and certifications of an individual as well as their familiarity with equipment and procedures.

Aptean EAM captures individual skills and certifications of your work force for use in assigning work tasks to maximize the performance of your assets, minimize unplanned downtime and improve safety.

Aptean EAM’s Resource module provides a single platform for managing your maintenance staff and contractors. Here are a few items the Resource module tracks:

  • Employee training history
  • Certifications and expiration dates
  • Employee skills and labor rates
  • Locations and supervisor assignments
  • Roles
  • Approval limits
  • Documents related to employees such as medical releases, citations, etc.
  • Emergency contact information
  • Time sheets

Key Features

  • Fast and easy entry of employee information
  • Skill certification tracking
  • Employee and Supervisor notification of training and certification expiration
  • Complete audit trail of work performed and locations
  • Easy entry of time sheet information
  • Integration with Aptean EAM’s Work Order and Scheduling modules
  • User-defined fields let you add additional data to be tracked


  • Easy identification of skills and certifications for work assignments
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all work performed
  • Approval limits ensure policy compliance
  • No forgotten recertification
  • No lapsed skill training