Purchase Requisition Management with TabWare

Aptean EAM TabWare Edition’s purchase requisition management helps control spend and is the basis for an overall purchase order tracking software system. Your ability to procure parts, material and services effectively has a direct impact on the performance of your assets and the cost of operations and maintenance. Fully 80% of purchase orders issued by manufacturing firms are for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) purposes.

Aptean EAM’s Requisition module manages internal requisitions and purchasing requests. Easy to learn and easy to use, Aptean EAM’s Requisition module uses a drag and drop approach to create requisition line items and provides a simple efficient work flow to route requisitions through your approval process.  It monitors requisition status from beginning to end.

Mobile-Maintenance-Requisition-ApprovalsApproving maintenance requisitions has never been easier with Aptean EAM’s mobile approval. Available on tablets and smartphones, mobile requisition approval enables managers to avoid delaying the approval process.

Here are a few of the types of requisitions Aptean EAM manages:

  • Work order requisitions for stock, non-stock and services
  • Internal storeroom requisitions
  • Services requisitions
  • Inventory replenishment requisitions
  • Project requisitions
  • General requisitions

Key Features

  • Drag and drop items from the Aptean EAM equipment hierarchy
  • Drag and drop items from an inventory query
  • Create requisitions directly from work orders during work planning
  • Split line item costs across multiple accounts
  • Specify delivery locations, dates and times
  • Recommend suppliers (suppliers can be internal storeroom or outside supplier)
  • Specify package quantities
  • Link documents to requisitions
  • Efficiently manage rush orders


  • Minimal keyboard entry
  • More accurate requisitions
  • Ensure policy compliance
  • Timely reviews and approvals
  • Audit trail of all requisition actions
  • No lost requisitions

With Aptean EAM’s optional TabLink module you can create requisitions using drag and drop directly from supplier eCatalogs using your negotiated pricing.