Spare Parts Inventory Management - Managing Multiple Warehouses

warehouses_smTabWare’s spare parts inventory management tracks multiple warehouses and multiple bins with a quick and easy parts locator and supports bar codes.

Your ability to store and retrieve parts and materials efficiently has a direct impact on the performance of your assets as well as the cost of operations and maintenance. You need to know where part quantities are stored to improve technician wrench time, increase inventory turns and minimize purchasing needs.

TabWare manages demand by transferring parts to the needed warehouses/bins for quick locating and easy retrieval.  TabWare optimizes inventory by managing multiple storage locations, providing inventory views across storerooms, warehouses and plants.

TabWare’s Multiple Warehousing module provides a single platform for efficiently storing and retrieving parts across your organization.

Key Features

  • Store parts and materials close to their usage locations
  • Support for multiple warehouses, multiple storerooms and multiple bin locations
  • Transfer parts between bins, storerooms, warehouses and plants
  • Designate specific storerooms to supply parts for specific equipment
  • Designate internal supply sources for specific storerooms
  • Support pick lists for each storeroom
  • Support bar codes for accurate part identification and transaction recording


  • Improved technician efficiency
  • Improved inventory service levels
  • Reduced stock outs
  • Reduced outside purchases
  • Increased inventory turns