TabWare Event Tracking

Event tracking software is used to capture equipment history and record accidents, emissions, logs, blogs and anything else you need to record.

Aptean EAM TabWare Edition’s event tracking software provides a single platform for tracking all types of events, linking documents to the events and capturing follow up actions for a clear audit trail of activities. Aptean EAM can record information on virtually any topic. Here is a brief list of what you can track:

  • Equipment downtime and production stoppages
  • Operator-performed maintenance
  • Shift and supervisor logs
  • Attendance and inspection logs
  • Audit findings, regulatory reports and follow up
  • Accidents, emissions and spills
  • Emergency response training
  • Training, open house and social events
  • Environmental, Health and Safety incidents

Key Features

  • Fast and easy entry of event information
  • Event dates and durations
  • Easily link documents including photos, video, etc. to events
  • Track follow up work
  • Capture event cost information
  • Easily record components, conditions and actions for later analysis


  • Comprehensive audit trail of events and follow up actions
  • All event information is immediately accessible upon entry
  • Eliminate paper-based logs
  • Record history without opening a work order
  • Quick and easy event management