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Work OrdersMaintenance work is identified and requested from everywhere in your organization. From simple hot/cold temperature adjustment requests to generated preventive maintenance work orders and highly sophisticated automated alerts of equipment issues, you need an easy way to manage and organize your work. Work order management software helps organize and control your work.

The TabWare Work Order module is easy to use to help manage all your maintenance and project-related work including:Work Order Approval - Mobile

  • Routine work
  • Corrective work
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) work
  • Emergency work
  • Project, shutdown and outage work
  • Environmental, Health and Safety work

Approving work orders has never been easier with TabWare’s mobile approval feature. Available on tablets and smartphones, mobile work order approval enables managers to avoid delaying the approval process.

TabWare provides a single platform to organize and manage all your work from initial requests through approval cycles, planning, scheduling, execution, completion and reporting.

Many maintenance organizations operate in a break-fix mode where they simply react to problems and record the work after the fact. While TabWare supports this type of operation, it also provides a quick and easy transition to planned maintenance. Work planning is an integral part of an effective maintenance management system.

Planned maintenance is safer and less costly than reactive maintenance.

When a work order is completed, all labor, parts, costs and activities are recorded and are immediately available for planning similar work. For example: when you need to repair a pump, you can simply copy a previous work order for pump repair to the current work order and you instantly have a complete list of parts, labor and activities to do the work. With TabWare, you can typically plan this work in 1 or 2 minutes with complete integration of the needed parts with inventory.

TabWare also provides standard job plans for repetitive work which is a more formal library of standard work processes along with parts, instructions, permits, personal protective equipment, resource/skill requirements and tools required.

TabWare’s Work Order module also provides PM Master Plans from which PM work orders are generated.

Project work is supported by TabWare’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) where a single work order can be divided into tasks and sub-tasks with cost roll-up to the base work order. Work orders can also be linked together with project numbers for projects, shutdowns and outages. Project work is not included in routine maintenance operations and project material requirements do not impact normal inventory stocking level settings nor allocations.

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