Work Order Management Software – Web Work Request

TabWare’s work order management software – Web Work Request allows internet work request entry and status queries without logging into TabWare. Everyone in your organization requests maintenance work at one time or another. The problem is they either have to call a dispatching function or send in a paper request. To enter a work request, many systems require the user to log in which requires a license. It’s not cost effective to provide casual users full licenses in order to enter work requests.

TabWare’s optional Web Work Request module solves the problem by providing casual users the ability to enter work requests via the internet and check the status of their requests without requiring a full license for each user.

While casual users have to be authorized, TabWare’s Web Work Request is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own. It is part of an overall maintenance management system designed to maximize asset performance.

Key Features

  • Employee self-service work requests
  • Simple sign on and user authorization
  • Simple work request entry
  • Quick and easy status check on requested work
  • Automatic updates of work status changes via messaging
  • Requestors see only the requests they have submitted


  • Quick and easy work requests from everyone at a plant or location
  • Casual users do not require a full license
  • No unauthorized work requests
  • Eliminates paper work requests
  • Reduces work status calls to maintenance

TabWare’s Web Work Request is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own. It reduces time and cost from work requests by providing employee self-service work requests. It is integrated with TabWare’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM CMMS) to maximize asset performance. It can also be used as part of TabWare’s facility maintenance software.

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