TabWare Requester - Self-Service Work Request Solution

Almost everyone in your organization requests maintenance work at one time or another, and TabWare Requester streamlines the Work Request process by providing employees a self-service solution that is easily accessible, visible and manageable and an integral part the TabWare maintenance management solution.

TabWare Requester is an intuitive work request submission solution that is browser-based and accessible anywhere. There are no complicated menus to navigate, no special hardware required, and it is configurable with secure, authenticated access for users. From a smartphone, tablet or other HTML5 device/browser, users are able to submit maintenance work requests to TabWare, complete with pictures, files or other support documentation, and check the status of previously submitted requests. Requests are immediately available in the TabWare Work Backlog for processing, and users are automatically notified as progress is made.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive self-service work request submittal
  • Accessible from any mobile device
  • Simple sign on and user authorization
  • Quick and easy status check on requested work
  • Automated user notification of work status
  • Decreases work status calls to maintenance
  • Low cost licensing structure

TabWare Requester reduces time and cost from work requests while being easy to learn and easy to use.


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