Asset Management System Mobile Work Manager

TabWare’s asset management system Mobile Work Manager improves technician efficiency, eliminates paper and frees supervisors to manage work tasks. The Mobile Work Manager provides wireless management of work orders, worker assignments and time keeping. It simplifies maintenance administration and captures point of performance data. It frees maintenance management from issuing and collecting paper work orders and reviewing them for completeness. It also affords them more time to manage work tasks.

Key Features

  • Assign craftsmen and technicians to work orders
  • Allocate single or multiple craftsmen/technicians to a work task
  • Download work assignments in priority sequence to mobile computers/smartphones for execution
  • Record work completion feedback and time charges at the point of performance
  • Create new and follow up work orders on-the-fly
  • Break-in work can be immediately downloaded to change priorities during a shift
  • Point and click data entry minimizes keyboard typing


  • Eliminates travel time to receive assignments and complete paper work orders
  • Eliminates paper work orders and handwritten text
  • Frees supervisors from handing out and tracking paper assignments
  • Save up to 20 minutes or more per craftsman/technician per shift
  • Immediate posting of work completion information provides more accurate data
  • Data entered at the point of performance reduces data entry and provides more timely and accurate reporting
  • Craftsmen and technicians do not need to decide which task to perform
  • No “forgotten” work
  • Supervisors can quickly redirect their work force and change priorities

TabWare’s Mobile Work Manager can maximize asset performance by improving maintenance efficiency, reducing craftsman/technician and supervisory travel time, improving data accuracy, reducing admin time for data entry and reducing cost. It integrates with TabWare’s Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM CMMS) to maximize asset performance.

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