Spare Parts Inventory Management - Mobile Inventory for EAM CMMS

Mobile Inventory for EAM CMMSTabWare’s Spare Parts Inventory Management offers a mobile solution that improves inventory accuracy, staff efficiency, and eliminates paper. TabWare’s optional Mobile Inventory module provides wireless inventory management where transactions are recorded at the point of performance and frees inventory technicians from being tied to a PC. Issues, returns, cycle counts, etc. are recorded using handheld computers or tablets. Bar coding is fully supported to increase data accuracy and improve efficiency.

Key Features

  • Record inventory transactions at the point of performance
  • Bar code support
  • Issue items to work orders or accounts
  • Record cycle counts
  • Move materials between bins
  • Issue serialized items
  • Point and click data entry minimizes keyboard typing


  • Eliminates travel time to record transactions
  • Eliminates paper transactions and handwritten text
  • Immediate posting of transactions provides more accurate data
  • Data entered at the point of performance improves data entry and provides more timely and accurate reporting
  • No “forgotten” transactions

TabWare’s Mobile Inventory module can maximize asset performance by improving inventory accuracy and staff efficiency, improving data accuracy, reducing admin time for data entry and reducing cost. The TabWare Mobile Inventory module integrates with the TabWare Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM CMMS).

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