Work Order Management Software for SMB

Work Order Management SoftwareTabWare Express Work Order Management Software is ideal for small and medium size businesses whose success depends on the performance of their assets. TabWare Express is a comprehensive maintenance management system designed for small and medium size businesses.

TabWare Express offers easy to use features and functions to help you manage your maintenance activities and maximize your asset performance including:

  • Track all equipment including warranties, history and costs
  • Manage all work orders from one maintenance backlog for routine, corrective, preventive and predictive, projects and emergency work orders
  • Open a work order with just 2 mouse clicks
  • Pending Actions allow you to see which work orders and requisitions need to be approved
  • Plan your work quickly by selecting parts from the equipment hierarchy and dropping them onto your work orders without rekeying
  • Easily create a requisition directly from a work order
  • Specify required personal protective equipment (PPE), permits and instructions
  • Quickly identify personnel by skill and certifications
  • Easily link any type of document to equipment and work orders
  • Use drag and drop scheduling to create and move between work schedules with visual load leveling of available resources
  • Record operator logs, shift notes, inspection logs, attendance logs, etc.
  • Capture events such as accidents, emissions, operator performed maintenance, etc. directly to equipment history without entering work orders and create follow up actions
  • Automatically generate Preventive Maintenance (PM) work orders on time and/or usage basis directly into your work backlog
  • Capture all labor, material, contractor and other costs and apply to work orders and equipment for comprehensive reporting

If you use the other modules of TabWare Express you can:

  • Integrate with TabWare Express purchase order software to create and approve purchase orders from requisitions quickly
  • Integrate with TabWare Express spare parts inventory management to allocate and reserve parts for work orders and manage your spare parts inventory

Here are some additional features, advantages and benefits of the TabWare Express Work Order Module.

TabWare Express provides all the features and functions you need to maximize your asset performance. TabWare Express is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own.

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