Spare Parts Inventory Management for Small and Medium Size Business

Spare Parts Inventory ManagementTabWare Express Spare Parts Inventory Management controls spare parts and optimizes inventory for small and medium size businesses whose success depends on the performance of their assets.

Have you ever had equipment go down and production stopped, waiting on parts to repair the equipment because the parts were not in inventory? This happens more than you think. Your spare parts inventory is absolutely vital to your production operation and is one of the keys to maximizing asset performance.

The overall goal of the TabWare Express inventory module is to get the right parts to the right place at the right time to maximize asset performance and minimize downtime, optimize stocking levels and improve inventory service levels. The TabWare Express spare parts inventory management is part of an integrated comprehensive maintenance management system when all modules are used together.

The TabWare Express Inventory module offers easy to use features and functions to help you manage your Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) inventory including:

  • Supports bar codes
  • Receiving, inspections and stocking
  • Issue inventory items to work orders, equipment and accounts
  • Issue entire item pick lists to a work order with a single click
  • Supports part kitting and deliveries
  • Returns and restocking transactions
  • Reserve parts for work orders and projects
  • Easily manage repairable and serialized items from issue to return of replaced parts, parts awaiting repair, parts issued for repair (on PO or work order), scrapping and returns to inventory
  • Manage both stock and non-stock items
  • Identify substitute and interchangeable parts
  • Easy Min/Max and EOQ specifications for replenishment
  • Rank item suppliers by preference
  • Automatically generate replenishment requisitions for review
  • Manage all types of requisitions from stock and non-stock items to services
  • Drag and drop items from equipment hierarchy
  • Identify recommended suppliers
  • Handle units of purchase with conversion to units of issue
  • Efficient requisition approvals
  • Manage multiple storerooms and multiple bin locations
  • Easily manage cycle counting
  • Identify obsolete and slow-moving/no-moving parts

Here are some additional features, advantages and benefits of the TabWare Express Inventory Module.

If you use the other modules of TabWare Express you can:

  • Integrate with TabWare Express purchase order software to quickly create and approve purchase orders from requisitions
  • Integrate with TabWare Express work order management software to allocate and reserve parts for work orders

TabWare Express provides all the features and functions you need to maximize your asset performance and optimize your MRO inventory. TabWare Express is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own.

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