Upstream Oil & Gas Asset Management Software for Drilling and Exploration

rig-in-yardTabWare is an Oil & Gas software solution designed for exploration and production companies who have movable assets including land-based and ocean-based rigs.

Managing assets and equipment that transfer between rigs, areas, divisions and countries challenges maintenance and operations. Also, Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules for these assets must be available based on operational time in addition to calendar days or meter values. Asset movements must be accurately tracked to capture their location and record whether they are installed and operational.

Moveable Assets

AssetPoint has teamed with our customers in the energy exploration and production industry and has developed special functions within its TabWare Oil & Gas software to effectively manage asset movement and maintenance activities even when communications are disconnected.

With TabWare, you can:

  • Use a hierarchy view to move rigs and equipment
  • Easily transfer assets
  • Specify security access restrictions based on role, rig and country assignments
  • Easily view all work orders, cost and equipment history following each asset movement

Maintenance performed off-line (when communications are unavailable) can be managed with TabWare’s Mobile Work Manager. When connectivity is restored, work orders, inventory and labor information can be synchronized to resume normal maintenance activities.

Maintenance Management, Spare Parts Inventory and Purchasing

TabWare helps maximize asset performance and control maintenance and operations costs while improving technician wrench time, optimizing spare parts inventory and streamlining procurement. TabWare is an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM), also commonly called a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and is easy to learn and easy to use. TabWare has one of the fastest adoption rates in the industry because of its ease of use and consistency.

From a maintenance management perspective, TabWare Oil & Gas software helps you:

TabWare Oil & Gas software provides the information you need to maximize the performance of your assets, control maintenance costs and improve your operations.

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