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Land-rigAptean EAM TabWare Edition is an Oil & Gas software solution for Upstream drilling and exploration companies, Midstream distribution companies, and Downstream production and refining companies who all need to maintain vital assets crucial to equipment uptime and avoid catastrophic equipment failures.

The Oil & Gas industry is challenged with effectively maximizing asset performance, increasing uptime and controlling cost. Drilling and exploration operations have additional concerns because they have movable assets which complicates equipment tracking and maintenance. Refineries, due to the high cost of downtime, can not afford unplanned outages and they strive to manage planned turnaround projects with least time and cost. Refineries also must deal with process safety management issues.

TabWare Oil & Gas software helps maximize asset performance, minimize downtime and control costs. With roots in the Oil & Gas industry, TabWare was designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals so it is easy to learn and easy to use. From an industry perspective, Aptean EAM helps you:

Aptean EAM is an ideal Oil & Gas software solution that provides the information you need to maximize the performance of your assets, control maintenance costs and improve your operations.

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