Equipment Maintenance Software for Maintenance Service Providers

TabWare is an easy to use asset management system for maintenance service providers whose success depends on the performance of customer assets.

Maintenance Service Providers ImageMaintenance service providers provide supplemental maintenance services as well as total maintenance outsourcing for both manufacturing and facility managers. They assure their customers availability of advanced skills, relieving them of hiring and maintaining maintenance staffs. Equipment manufacturers also provide maintenance services for specific equipment both on a warranty and on a supplemental basis.

For maintenance service providers, effective scheduling and routing is critical to controlling costs while maintaining high customer satisfaction and increasing profit margins.

TabWare is used by several maintenance service providers to effectively manage their maintenance activities, spare part inventory management and purchasing operations to maximize resource utilization and reduce costs.

TabWare is designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals and has one of the fastest adoption rates in the industry because of its consistency and ease of use.

With TabWare, you can

  • Manage all your assets from a single platform
  • Integrate with your process control systems to drive preventive and corrective tasks
  • Manage your work backlog
  • Drag and drop work orders to create schedules and move work between schedules
  • Easily handle Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs and monitor compliance
  • Allocate and reserve parts and material to work orders
  • Manage contractor costs and payment authorizations with vendor invoice processing
  • Track any type of event such as accidents, emissions, and spills and manage follow up activities
  • Track equipment history and manage warranties
  • Streamline procurement and support centralized and distributed purchasing with integrated purchase order tracking software
  • Control costs through enforced approval limits, work flow and negotiated pricing agreements prior to commitment and expenditure
  • Provide complete audit trail of work performed with costs and markup

One maintenance service provider who uses TabWare saves a customer over $500,000 per year by using centralized planning and wireless technology in their facility maintenance operations.

Manufacturing and facility managers can also use TabWare to control contractor services. TabWare is an integrated Enterprise Asset Management software (EAM CMMS) solution that is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own.

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