Enterprise Asset Management for Mining

Mining Macine ImageTabWare is a comprehensive enterprise asset management for the mining industry where success depends on asset performance.

Mining equipment changes are rare but technology is being used to improve the output of existing equipment. Companies are improving power shovels and draglines that move overburden material, installing longwall systems to increase mine output and upgrading Computerized Maintenance Management System (EAM CMMS) solutions.

Mining companies must use aggressive asset performance management to improve volume and operating efficiency while controlling costs and improving safety.

AssetPoint understands the nature of maintenance within the mining industry. TabWare for mining is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management software (EAM CMMS) solution that helps companies effectively manage their maintenance, spare parts inventory and purchasing operations. TabWare is designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals to maximize asset performance and control costs. TabWare is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to own and is in use in a variety of mining companies.

With TabWare, you can:

TabWare for mining not only helps you control costs and maximize asset performance but also helps improve your operation.

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