Enterprise Asset Management for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Plant ImageMost industrial chemicals are commodities, and management priorities are targeted at reducing production costs, obtaining the highest possible final yields from raw materials and managing transportation efficiency. Extracting and processing basic chemicals from raw materials typically requires large amounts of energy. Many chemicals use natural gas or petroleum as a raw material, where even small changes in energy prices can affect profitability.

Operational efficiency is crucial for chemical companies to maintain profitability. Controlling maintenance and operating costs is possible only through aggressive asset performance management. TabWare is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management software (CMMS / EAM) package designed to maximize asset performance.

TabWare for Chemical Manufacturing has its roots in the chemical, refining and process industry and helps chemical manufacturers effectively manage their maintenance, spare parts inventory and purchasing operations to maximize asset performance while controlling costs. TabWare was designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals and has one of the highest adoption rates in the industry. With TabWare, you can:

Whether you are a commodity or specialty chemical manufacturer, TabWare for Chemical Manufacturing can help you control costs and maximize asset performance. TabWare is an integrated asset management system that is ideal for chemical manufacturing. To gain a better understanding on how Chemical organizations have benefited from TabWare, please see our Chemical Customer Profiles.

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