Enterprise Asset Management for Amusement Parks

TabWare is a proven asset management system for amusement parks where success depends on the performance of their assets.

Flizter ImageAmusement park maintenance is tasked with improving equipment reliability, ride availability and safety; managing and documenting inspections; integrating manufacturer bulletins and controlling costs. TabWare is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management software (EAM CMMS) solution designed to maximize asset performance and control costs.

AssetPoint understands the nature of maintenance in the amusement industry. TabWare helps amusement parks effectively manage their maintenance tasks, handle inspections including state inspections, improve spare parts inventory and streamline purchasing operations to maximize asset performance and control costs.

TabWare was designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals and has one of the fastest adoption rates in the industry because of its consistency and ease of use. One park trained 65 staff members and were up and running with TabWare in about 2 weeks.

With TabWare, you can:


TabWare provides many benefits to amusement parks including, but not limited to, the following:

  • 20% labor savings in allocating resources to new attractions
  • Improved uptime and reliability
  • Track all downtime occurrences as events
  • 15% improvement in cycle counting efficiency
  • 10% improvement in purchasing cycle times
  • 25% faster payment of invoices
  • Significantly improve resolution of open issues by increased visibility to your technicians
  • Direct access to equipment history for state inspectors

Morey's Piers LogoTabWare not only helps you manage maintenance, inspections, manufacturer bulletins and spare parts, but also helps control costs, maximize asset performance and improve your operation. TabWare is a proven CMMS solution for amusement parks.

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