How 3 Modern CMMS Solution Features Help Increase Equipment Uptime

Last month, research and reviews company, Software Advice published an article describing how modern, cloud-based software and specific Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) features can improve equipment uptime and overall productivity. The modern CMMS features include Work Order (WO) tracking, Condition-Based Monitoring (CbM), and Flexible Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) identification.

AssetPoint’s VP of Solutions Management, Jay Ratliff, contributed content on Reporting and BI identification stating: “A report is really just a static picture of today. [Today’s solutions are] more about a user being able to analyze data and look at it from different perspectives, and asking if that can change how [they] do things.”

Galaxy-S5 Downtime Tracking

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While many legacy CMMS systems have the ability to create reports, they typically are not accessible on mobile devices and lack the ability to drill down into the details or create configurable metrics and data views to your specific needs. With real-time, dynamic reports, Maintenance Managers can get detailed information on specific assets, determine which assets are “bad-actors,” effectively prioritize work and make smarter decisions.

Access a simple downtime calculator and read the rest of the article here.

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