CMMS / EAM Integrations

These days, it is extremely common for organizations to utilize several different software solutions to meet their business needs and industry requirements. If it hasn’t happened already, there may come a time when your organization’s asset and maintenance management solution needs to be integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in order to become more efficient and effective.


Read more to learn how TabWare CrossRoads provides seamless and flexible integration capabilities.

Some organizations use various systems to integrate their Maintenance, Materials Management, Finance, Purchasing and other business requirements together, and because every organization is unique, the “one size fits all,” pre-packaged integration approach is rarely successful. To avoid complicated and costly modifications and customizations to your existing ERP system, it is imperative to identify each potential integration touch point and then determine whether that touch point really applies to your organization. If it does, determine if the benefit of that particular connection outweighs the cost of implementing or developing it.

AssetPoint has designed TabWare CrossRoads, an industry-proven business integration solution, to be extensible and support integrations of TabWare CMMS / EAM with many enterprise systems and exchange the data necessary to smoothly and efficiently run your organization. Seamless integrations into existing enterprise solutions are essential and are often a large deciding factor during the software selection process. In 2014, Heartland Pet Food Manufacturing, chose TabWare over other CMMS / EAM solutions largely due to AssetPoint’s numerous SAP integration successes.

AssetPoint Author:
Sammy Rice, EAM Functional Consultant

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