Manage Planned Shutdowns with TabWare CMMS / EAM

Due to the high cost of equipment downtime, planned shutdowns require detailed planning, budgeting, approvals, scheduling and management control. Best-in-Class organizations focus on completing those and other intensive plant projects with the least amount of time and cost. On the other hand, you also need to keep your equipment running properly to avoid costly unplanned outages that bring production to a halt.

Aptean EAM TabWare Edition, Aptean’s comprehensive CMMS / EAM solution, allows you to easily manage planned shutdowns and major plant projects while helping you avoid unplanned outages by:

Aptean EAM is easy to learn and easy to use and helps organizations manage planned shutdowns and unplanned outages. By effectively coordinating budgets, material requirements, procurement, contractors and work scopes, your organization can complete projects on time and within budget.