Easy to Use CMMS / EAM Solution

The most common point of failure for CMMS / EAM solutions is user frustration from:

  • Lack of training
  • Difficulty of use
  • Complexity of screens and functions
  • Low adoption rate
  • Work processes change to fit software requirements

Aptean EAM TabWare Edition was designed by maintenance professionals for maintenance professionals so users quickly understand it, adopt it and use it.

Here are just a few of the reasons Aptean EAM is easy to use:

  • Once data is entered, it is immediately available to all other functions and modules. This means no duplicate entries needed, and improved efficiency.
  • Required fields are user-selected and immediately identified. Users are not confused by viewing the entire system.
  • Query Wizard lets users get the information they need by quickly and easily building and saving queries and reports, then exporting the data
  • Aptean EAM offers user-defined color schemes to identify required items at a glance. Users can assign their own color schemes for required and protected fields.
  • Aptean EAM keeps users’ hands OFF the keyboard. By using a point and click approach to data entry as well as drag-and-drop to quickly copy items, Aptean EAM keeps users hands off the keyboard. Minimal text entry improves user acceptance and retention which improves user confidence and acceptance in addition to improving data accuracy.
  • Aptean EAM can be translated for local terms and languages. In your organization you may call an Area a Sector. No problem, just use the easy translation feature of Aptean EAM and Sector will appear everywhere Area was previously referenced. Adoption rates are increased when users see screens with familiar terminology.