A Phased Approach to Maintenance Metrics

Throughout my years of managing CMMS / EAM solution implementations, I often see organizations making the same mistakes in developing their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Organizations that are implementing a CMMS / EAM solution for the first time immediately want to measure complex metrics, such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Downtime, etc. My guiding principle is KISS – “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Just like a software implementation is phased, your metrics and analytics development should be, too.

Concentrating on the basic blocking and tackling of metric definition should be the first step in gathering and reporting of your maintenance data. Throughout the first 6 months following implementation, I always suggest that organizations begin by tracking the following metrics:

Organizations must first invest time and effort into the basic metrics before they can truly lay the solid foundation for more complex data analysis.

AssetPoint Author:
Brad Newton, Sr. Project Manager

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